Living Well Favorites: Morning Routine

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For 2019, I’m introducing a “Living Well Favorites” feature on Kindred Seekers, where I highlight some of my favorite things for the wellness habits, tips, and tricks I rely on. Many of them are gleaned from Ayurveda, which I’ve been studying or steeped in since I was a child. 

Today, I want to highlight a few wellness tips I rely on in the first 10 minutes upon waking up. Rise and shine!

When I hit the bathroom, I always, always, always scrape my tongue before I brush my teeth. It’s a 3 second habit I promise is one of the easiest Ayurvedic habits to adopt. Gunk and toxins (“ama”) accumulate on the tongue when we sleep. Rather than keep them coated on there (which can increase bad breath) or swallow them down and re-ingest them, scrape that ookiness off! Then brush and go about your habits as usual.

Next up, I head for some hot water. Ayurveda highly recommends warm or hot water throughout the day, but especially in the morning, as it’s especially important for digestion and flushing your system. DON’T hit your poor body with a slug of caffeine first thing; have some warm water! I swear by my electric kettle, which ensures I don't have to stand around waiting for that mug of hot water. And I’ve selected one with as little plastic in the design as possible, so we’re not further leeching plastic into our water by heating it up. (I even travel with this one, so I’m never without hot water or tea even in hotel rooms.)

Next up, I like to spend a few minutes stretching on the floor to wake up my body. A simple yoga mat and some yoga asanas fit the bill.

Finally, I do my daily TM (Transcendental Meditation), which is like a godsend of godsends for me and really sets me up to feel clearer and more settled. I’ve been doing it for 25 years and can’t say enough good things about it.

I’ve been following it up recently with a guided recording from To Be Magnetic to reprogram / reinforce my subconscious.

Those few little things set me up for my normal breakfast and grooming routine, but make such a difference in feeling healthier and clearer in the a.m.!

Sketch by Klika Designs @justtalented.

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