Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


So who wants to make everything EASY?


But wait… I know the next thing you’re thinking: sounds nice, but… really? Can’t possibly be true, right?

I have a new mantra, which has been surfacing of late.

This gets to be EASY.

It doesn’t even matter what “this” is: Today. This one work assignment. Making friends. Making money. The seemingly impossible.

This gets to be EASY.

At first you doubt, but keep at it. At first, you want to believe it’s true, but it’s hard to trust. There’s that little voice that’s like, uhhhhhh…

This gets to be EASY.

I’m staying with it. I’m putting it on repeat in my brain. I keep saying it to myself. I reinforce it by finding others who believe it, who are showing the way.

This gets to be EASY.

It’s not that nothing is ever tough again. Life happens. We’re human. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up the mantra. It doesn’t mean I give up the belief that that is how it can be, that that is what I am worthy of.

This gets to be EASY.

The most important moment is the decision. Something shifts, and there is the moment when I decide that I fully want it to be easy, that I fully believe it’s possible.

This gets to be EASY.

I’m making new neural pathways. Because I’m stubborn and persistent and willing to stay with it in order to make it shift. If you’re stubborn, you can persist at things that aren’t working for you. Or you can persist at a new way of thinking, even if you’re not completely there yet. Repeat the mantra. Repeat the feeling. Every damn day.

Because thoughts —> create feelings —> create actions —> create new responses from the universe —> create new realities.

Sometimes simplifying makes things easier.

Sometimes killing the worrying makes things easier.

Sometimes spending money makes things easier.

Sometimes getting out of our way makes things easier.

Sometimes asking for guidance makes things easier.

Sometimes deciding something gets to be easier makes things easier.

Do you believe things get to be easy? I want to hear here.

Image via Instagram @tangoandfoxtrot