Open Position: Noticer

Paul Apal'kin photography.jpeg

‘Open position: Noticer'

Become an observer

of things.

It is a job

for the few,

requiring a curious obstinacy

against the current of the world.

The position demands:


(or else your powers

will be dimmed),


(or else your signal 

will be scrambled),

and a fine-tuned instrument 

capable of sensing

the subtlest frequencies

of feeling.

Do you have what it takes?

Then dive

into the recesses of yourself,

for the mirror there

will let you see the world.

Live in ruthless pursuit

of your joy,

for it will light your way.

And when you notice —

really notice —

you will swallow universes

and sing about them.

Art: Paul Apal’kin.

Jessica Wilbert