The Tender Ones

charlie bowater girl with stars.gif

‘The Tender Ones’

Discover what a gift it is

to FEEL:

the messages of your body,

the poetry of flying geese,

the majesty of the moon,

the quiet knock of intuition.


the inner forests of others,

an X-ray revealing

vulnerable pain

tender hopes

and snowflake fingerprints

of magic.

Feel words


and canvases of color

that will cleave you open

with Excaliber

and stitch you up;

And feel

your own inner volcano

the power of earth

hot lava of creativity

rumbling, rising.

Some lucky ones

feel nothing.

Days are even,


Coffee is drunk,

the TV watched

to-dos completed,

food chewed.

A few disagreeable feelings

drowned, perhaps

with drink.

To the tender ones:

Don’t stop feeling.

Your tender power

is pushing the world forward.

Art by Charlie Bowater.

Jessica Wilbert